"We spent every Monday afternoon in yoga flows and poses that both improved my mental and physical state. This is something that is most effective on the 1:1 level because I learned things about myself I would have never known. This overall experience improved my posture tremendously and started my meditation journey. I looked forward to our classes and starting the week off on such a positive note. What I didn't realize right away was the tremendous effect her classes had on my physical and mental wellbeing. During our series together, I had twisted my ankle. We spent a week avoiding it and the next week learning strength exercises. Her background gives her experience from so many different elements that she can tie together. One of my favorite parts was the tips, advice, and homework she'd give me after each class.She studied both Occupational Therapy and is a certified yoga instructor. She ties those two together for a really successful practice."

Kayley K.

"My family and I looked forward to it (yoga resiliency series course) every Monday. It was a beautiful opportunity to connect with our bodies, mind and practice returning to the present. Jess’s dual expertise in occupational therapy and yoga makes me reassured that we were receiving a holistic perspective, which is very much appreciated."

"We are so glad to have learned about this series (yoga resiliency series). The schedule, content, and structure were all well designed, and it was clear that a great deal of care was put into the class. The follow-up materials and prompts were also appreciated and helpful. We have tried a few different streaming yoga options during the pandemic but this one was the most professional and personalized."

"Big, noticeable positive difference in the week when applying the techniques taught in the class. Thank you Jess!!!"